Dr. Md. Ekram Hossain

Designation: Senior Research Fellow,

Institute: Center for Research Innovation and Development (CRID)

Email: ekram.hhu@yahoo.com

Short Biography

Dr. Md Ekram Hossain is currently affiliated with the Center for Research Innovation and Development (CRID), Bangladesh as a Senior Research Fellow as well as a Consultant of the Capacity Building Initiative for
Transparency (CBIT) project, Department of Environment (DOE) of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bangladesh. Prior to joining the current position, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research
Fellow at Hohai University (2017-2019), Research Associate (2013-2017) and Research Assistant (2010-2013) at the Institute of Industrial Economics of Hohai University where he actively participated in eight
research projects of China's national and provincial levels. Moreover, he also participated in a collaborative research project with Columbia University (2015-2016) NY, USA. However, Dr. Ekram obtained Ph.D. in
Technology Economics and Management from Hohai University, China. He is an elated alumnus of the China Scholarship Council having his Master's Degree with a prestigious Chinese Government Scholarship and
pursued his Ph.D. with full funding of Hohai University. Since 2010, Dr. Ekram has been engaged in multidisciplinary research having significant number of publications in peer-reviewed international journals
and conference proceedings. His research areas include international trade and sustainable development, climate change and green development, industry competitiveness analysis, issues of emerging and
developing economies, etc.

Selected Publications:

1. Md Ekram Hossain, Huang Dechun, Changzheng Zhang, and et. al. (2021) Trade Deficit of Bangladesh with China: Patterns, Propensity and Policy Implications, Economics and Business Quarterly Reviews,
Vol.4 No.3 pages 34-51 (2021)

2. Md Ekram Hossain, Huang Dechun, Vivien Kitty Molnar et al., (2021), Specialization and Market Penetration of Bilateral Trade between Peru and United States: An Exploratory Analysis, Journal of
Economics and Sustainable Development, Vol. 11, No. 12, pages 107-119

3. Md Ekram Hossain, Huang Dechun, and et. al. (2021), Trade Intensity and Revealed Comparative Advantage: An Empirical Analysis of Trade between China and Bangladesh, International Journal of
Management, Accounting and Economics (IJMAE), Vol. 8, No. 5, pages 320-342

4. Md. Ekram Hossain, Huang Dechun and Changzheng Zhang (2017), Diversification of Export to China: A Study on the Potentiality of Leather and Footwear Industry of Bangladesh; International Journal of
Economics, Commerce & Management, ISSN 2348 0386, Volume 05 Issue 04, Page 1-37, April 2017

5. Md. Ekram Hossain, Huang Dechun, Changzheng Zhang and Vu Thi Van; Dynamics of Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness of Textile and Apparel Industry: An Empirical Analysis for China and
Bangladesh; British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade, ISSN: 2278-098X, Vol.: 16, Issue.: 1, Page 1-19, 2017