Mustak Ibn Ayub, DPhil

Designation: Assistant Professor
Academic Institution: University of Dhaka
Research Field: Molecular Oncology, Cancer genetics, Rare genetic disorders

Institutional Contact
Assistant professor, Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000.

Short  Biography

I have completed my DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) in Molecular Oncology under sir Walter Bodmer at the  Cancer and Immunogenetics Lab, WIMM, John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford. Currently I  am focused on creating a research-base for comprehensive cancer care and treatment in Bangladesh.

Apart from research activities, I have been involved with science movement in Bangladesh from early 2000s. I convened the formation of Young Biotechnologists  of Bangladesh (youngBB) in 2006 and and assisted Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB) in their various activities.

During my DPhil in the University of Oxford, I played leading roles within the University and beyond. I was the president of Hartford College MCR, the founding president of Oxford University Bangladesh Society and Vice president of the Oxford University Islamic Society. I was the regional coordinator for commonwealth scholars in the midland and Oxford region for two years.

I am currently invested in establishing Cancer Care and Research Bangladesh (CCRB) Trust.


 Selected Awards and honors

  1. Dean’s Gold Medal for Research (in lecturer category), University of Dhaka
  2. Commonwealth Scholarship
  3. Gold Medal for excellence in MS exam from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh



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  2. Combination of two rare mutations causesβ-thalassaemia in a Bangladeshi patient; Mahdi Muhammad Moosa; Mustak Ibn Ayub; AMA Emran Bashar; Golam Sarwardi; Waqar Khan; Haseena Khan; Sabina Yeasmin. Genet. Mol. Biol., ahead of print Epub July 22, 2011.


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